Monday, August 8, 2011

Changes Happening

So many things are happening all at once.

I graduated nursing school August 5th! All Glory to God!
I am typing mostly because I am SUPPOSED to be studying for my national nursing licensure exam... and yeah.. you know how that goes.

I am moving to North Carolina, currently living in South Carolina. Steven has lived in NC since April.

I had to leave the most wonderful church. Bethesda Church of God is a wonderful place. The first time I walked in the door I felt the Holy Spirit through the love of the people around me. I never knew one could be so loved by strangers. I attended services mostly by myself as Steven was in Korea. The people, mostly ladies older than I,(for which I am thankful at my last church it was the men who cared most for me..) bombarded me with affection, encouragement, and sound advice.
I cried leaving that church.
Many of the people there are praying with us that we will find a good church here. I am confident that we will find it quickly.

Currently, our things are still in SC. We have a place to stay here, but not a place to LIVE. We stay in a tiny room, in a trailer, in a park with sketchy neighbors. The old couple we stay with are very nice, but of course, it is not our place and they smoke indoors. This town has a shortage of rental property so are thankful for our room but we asked God for a cheap place to buy which is more wonderful than we could imagine. We have gone to a couple of realitors, and have not yet found the "one" although, we do have our eye on one place which we hope to look at today.

Yesterday evening we visited a church, it was fellowship night and they loaded us with donuts and pizza. Sounds like a great place aready doesn't it? :) After my donut and pizza I felt the need to move about before falling to sleep and wanted to go for a walk. -My clothing has been a bit snug since My mother in law came up for my graduation. Of course, I had to cook and eat too much delicious food while she was here. On top of the delicious food, the ladies from my prayer group sent me away with a decadant, buttery pound cake!!

Now about the walk I didn't get to take: According to Steven our neighborhood boasts the following dangers: trailers (of course), non-english speaking people who scowl; 15 large teenage boys with bad language who 'hang-out' on the corner; a fenced house with a rebel flag prominently displayed in the front yard, 5 gigantic rottweilers in the yard and 5 stone rottweilers outside the gate as well as 2 larger gargoyls and an assortment of smaller dog statues. Other dangers include small, pacificer age children playing in the yards/street with no adult supervision and loud music.

I told Steven that I felt like a caged bird in our tiny room and he informed me that in order for me to leave the inner walls of our current residence, I must have armed guards, secure perimeters, security patrols, dog teams, and constant arial security. In other words, if I desire exercise I must quickly and directly to my car, lock the doors, and drive to the military base.

Now for some positive tid-bits.
You may notice that I am wearing a dress in my pinning ceremony pictures. It was a little gift from God. It has always been my dream to wear the traditional white dress. I searched high and low and could not find one. The day before the ceremony I was offered one by a classmate!!

One of the ladies from my prayer group attended the ceremony and reported that I had a special presence that set me apart from all of the students on stage. I suggested that this was because I was cheesing so hard :) but she insisted that was not the case. If perhaps I had a special presence it could have been due to the fact that I was praising God the entire time I was up there. Far better students than I were booted from the nursing program. God got me through.

My toughest instructor told me that she and "all the instructors are in a agreement that I will be a wonderful nurse."

I suppose I will study now so that I can be a 'real' nurse.

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