Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smoke House Avoidance Plan

And so our goals have become: 1. Avoiding the smokey house. 2. Me finding a job.

Here's a run down of my typical day.

Wake up grudgingly at 6 am.
Fix breakfast and lunch for my husband and I.
-NOt an easy task since our food is limited and crammed in crevices of our tiny room and fridge.
Drive my husband to work as one of our cars is in SC.
Drink my coffee
-coffee is dried instant for convience in this awkward lifestyle.
Drive back to the trailer park.
Take my clothes out of the car and rush them quickly in the room.
-Must avoid being polluted by smoke smell. I can't do anything but my hair.
Exercise, do note cards for nclex.
Shower and change into my good clothes in the gym or in the bx bathroom.
Buy new clothes from BX if job interview clothes end up smelling like smoke.
Change in the Bx bathroom.
Head to preferred place of future employment.
Complete necessary tasks.
Come back to base.
Eat lunch in the car.
-darn it. I don't have silverware.. Oh well.
Mess around in the library and try to study until 3:30
Pick husband up at 3:30
Go to appointments with realitor, shopping etc..
-trying to put off return to smoke house of doom until last possible moment.
Go back to smoke house of doom.
Make small talk as small as possible as kind older couple puff away on said smokes.
Back out of room whilst still talking.
Contemplate smoke house avoidance plan for the next day.

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