Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Closet Adventures

I left something important out of my daily routine.
That is because life has been good.
So naturally, I'm neglecting my Bible.
Not anymore.

Steven is so jovial after getting off work. Too bad his wife is such a drag that he enjoys his coworkers more. I'm glad he likes his coworkers and I'm looking forward to the day when we won't be crammed together in a closet sized room and tiny bed. The cramming and the smoke may well have been our very undoing if we were not closing on our house by the end of the month!
Steven had such a traumatic night last night. Apparently, the bed is so small that both of us must be over or under the covers.
Steven was sleeping on the end towards the fan. He froze all night because I refused to sleep under the covers.

Today is the home inspection.
I'm awfully excited to see that beautiful house again! I might steal an apple from the tree.

God has arranged for my hardworking bro and sis-in-law to be to enjoy a wedding pratically for free.
It's been amazing watching their blessings roll in.
One of the rich women she works for is paying for the catering as a gift.
An old family friend who is a lead member in a highly paid, and highly sought after violin quartet has offered their services free of charge.
The church where they attend is waiving the fee for clean up. That's about 400 dollars.
Chasity found her dream wedding dress at a thrift shop for about 45 dollars.
Their all-around fantastic sister Tricia, and their stunningly handsome and smart brother-in-law Steven, will be getting them a nice gift. :D

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