Saturday, July 24, 2010

World's Best Breakfast

This is the most fabulous breakfast you will EVER eat. Even my husband loves it... and hey, as far as breakfasts go, it's practically calorie free. Because of my garden, it only cost me pennies to make.

Here is what you need:

Various veggies and herbs. I chose a squash, and half of a bell pepper. Also, I think that is oregano. I also LOVE to use cilantro and avacodo or pesto . BUT I have to BUY (oh horror of horrors) the cilantro and the pine nuts to make the pesto..and that requires going to the store.
When I must do so, I find myself greatly resenting it. So yes, I do not eat it with cilantro/avacado or pesto as often.

(Hey, living out of the garden gives me more money for cute shoes! woot-woot!!)

I added a tomato but he was an afterthought and missed the photo op.

Here is the deliciousness muddling in the pan:

Hrmm. For the calorie conters;
bell pepper-5
olive oil-39
Cheese-69(supposing that is a cubic inch)
and I'm not psycho enough to count the calories in those oregano leaves!

That is a grand total of 214 calories! AND it is FILLING and delicious!!

I do NOT count calories this obsessivly!!!
But... maybe I should so I could quit complaining about muh belly!

If I were cooking this for my husband I would add some sliced lunch meat, more veggies, another egg. This is one of his favorite breakfasts.

Time to eat!

Everyone get a good laugh at my attempt to be fancy and lets move on.

FANCY is not an adjective you can use to describe this gal.

I used to have a cup that matched that plate but I threw it away for the good of my husband to make room for some dishes that he wanted to keep.
I love my husband but i still regret throwing away that cup :(

Oh, here is the best website for calorie counting:
All this talk about calorie counting lately has got me thinking I should start.

Think you will try this? What is YOUR favorite 'skinny' breakfast?

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  1. jayne, marla jayne wanted your address so she could read you <><>><<>all i did was punch your icon on your comment and whala i am here<>><<>i agree about growing exotic plant food<>><<>i am a gardening nut