Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moving Day Is Around The Corner!

Steven is TDY to Louisiana. He's there for the jet evacuation.
He actually had to work on the flight line again.
Poor man got reminding glimpse of the vast chasm that exists between pilots and crewchiefs yet again.
It seems so wrong... How the crewchiefs are so overworked and underappriciated while the pilots seem to have attained a sort of god status.

I reminded Steven that he asked God to send him to the cushy backshop he's at now and to take this reminder of the flightline torture to be grateful for his backshop.
The man thanked me for lifting him up. I think he loves me. :)

So I'm still living in SC while he's stationed in NC.
I visited him for awhile but came down here becuase I couldn't take any more of that nasty, smokey little room he lives in.
Also, somebody had to pack!

That's right! We are finally moving!
We are closing on the beautiful house on Tuesday.
Well, Steven's closing with signature and a POA from me. *I love those free legal services on base*

While he is closing, I'll be moving our stuff up from SC. YUP! I am packing, loading, and driving a 20 foot truck with a car dolly and car up BY MYSELF!!
I'd better get some serious good wife points for that!

I asked my friend Crystal and her hubby to help but she's in nursing school now so what did I expect..:(

I advertised on FB for some help loading the truc. I'm trading my BEEEYOUTEEFUL entertainment center for help. It doesn't fit in the new house anyway. Crazy how it fit in our duplex and then in the trailer but doesn't fit in the new house!

I don't know the people who are going to help me move, but lucky for me, I noticed that they were mutual friends with a gal I know from the nursing program. SO..I stressed to Steven that they were friends of a friend from school. lol. Well they areeee...

I can't wait till that beautiful day when I have *gasp* INTERNET IN OUR HOME!
Oh yeah, and a washer and dryer will be nice too..
Have I said that before?

One more thing.
I was SUPPOSED to study for my nursing boards today... So OF COURSE, I picked up a book to read instead. Who would have thought that a book about a president's wife would make me cry my eyes out? Nancy Reagan is SUCH a lady and was SUCH a great wife.

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