Friday, July 16, 2010

Journal Theme?

I was going to make this a military wife blog, but quickly realized that would be a ridiculous endeavor. I don't give a flying poo about the military. I do not readily claim the title of "military wife". I'm just a wife.

Above that, I'm a child of God.

So that will be the theme of this journal.

I have another journal:, where I have ranted faithfully since the tender age of 17. Unfortunately, Blogspot has become more popular, so here I am. (Baaahhh, Baaaahhh :)

It will be nice to have access to the posts of family and friends!

Now that I have gone to all the work to create this blog, It sure would be nice to know how to do a search for my loved ones on here! Help me somebody! How do you find folks?

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