Friday, July 16, 2010

Word Vomit and Living Above

I praise God because he is creating in me a spirit that HATES what is evil.

I used to try to live by that verse, whatsoever is lovely, pure, of good report... etc..

but now I find myself LOVING those things naturally, and HATING what is not good, lovely, pure, of good report.

Gossip used to be a tasty morsel. I used to love to know bad things about people. Now I cringe when I hear something negative. I don't want my image of somebody to be ruined in that way.

For example, an acquantance of mine recently told me of a couple who was having serious marital problems.

Instead of relishing this tasty morsel, I was horrified to learn such a thing. Why would I want to know that!

I'm going to have to limit my communication with this friend because she is a constant outflow such vomit.

I thought I would NEVER get to this point. Yes, I still get tempted to talk about somebody... and I still let things slip. But now that I have a hatred for it, it's so much easier to avoid! Praise God!

With the Holy Spirit guiding my thoughts, there is another level of joy that I experience. A joy that is not impeded by the negative information and attitudes around me.

MY first step to acquiring this joy? Turn off the TV. :)

Seriously, After a couple of weeks of not watching TV, I flipped it on, and could not believe the amount of negativity I was subjecting myself to. It's so much easier to enjoy life, our family, God's creation when not constantly subjected to all that negativity.

Praise God!

Leave me some comments!
Do you consciously try to filter what you allow in your mind?
Thoughts? Advice? Stratigies?

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  1. checking out your blog! I love what you said about the t.v. We have done without in the interest of finances for the last yr, and while I still miss my foodnetwork shows, I am amazed when I do see the garbage I used to enjoy. What trash. And I am so glad I am not exposing my babies to the unending commercialism! loving the blog! xoxo Liz