Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What makes me a different sort of wife?

To understand why I am not the average military wife, you would have to have a good picture of a military wife to compare me to. As you can imagine 'Army Wives', while an entertaining show, is not a true to life depiction of a military wife!
I have many things in common with the average military wife. I share their homesickness, the lonely nights, but not the intense pride for my husband's chosen career. My pride is in my husband and not his career. My husband has the absolute worst job in the Air Force. Furthermore, having been enlisted myself, I have seen the best and the worst of the military and I don't glamorize the military life.
I hope that these sentiments, along with my faith in God, love and faithfulness to my husband, and believe in the genuine good will of my fellow military wives, can give me the objectivity to expound upon topics with a positive and compassionate attitude.
I'm afraid I've painted a dreary picture so far! I'm a very positive person over-all but due to the difficulties of my husband's job, I've never been able to cast the military in the positive light it deserves!
What difficulties? I won't bore you with those. Positivity! That's what this journal is about!

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